In 2005, a major consultation was undertaken with residents from across the boroughs surrounding the park to find out what people thought of the Fields and what improvements, if any, they would like to see to encourage increased use of this fantastic space.  From the results of the consultation, a Feasibility Report was produced by Ground Work SE London , a sustainable development trust. There were many issues addressed in the Report including measures to improve facilities for young and older people, lighting, security, furniture, playground improvements, tree and shrub planting etc.  

The Report was presented to a User Group meeting in September 2005 and since then, the User Group has been working to try and find ways to implement its recommendations.

During July 2006, a further public consultation exercise was undertaken in conjunction with Groundwork SE London. The consultation involved a detailed questionnaire delivered to over 1,000 homes surrounding the Fields and a public event on Saturday 15 July 2006. There were examples of different ways improvements and enhancements could be made to the Fields i.e. different kinds of lighting, seating and signage. See Events or more details.

Since then the findings of the consultation have been summarised in a report which can be found in Downloads.